Q: Do I need an interior designer or an architect for my remodelLing project?

A: This is a common question. Typically, an interior designer has the skills and professional education to:

  • Design and draft new space plans — whether reconfiguring an existing interior space or adding square footage to a home.
  • Develop lighting and electrical plans.
  • Select all interior finishes such as flooring, countertops, tile, paint colors, wall and window treatments.
  • Specify plumbing, appliances, cabinetry and furnishings, etc.

If your project involves changing structural load bearing walls, or adding square footage, an architect and/or structural engineer will need to be part of your team. They’ll provide the necessary drawings and structural calculations required by your local building department to ensure your safety and welfare, as well as pass building code inspections.

Q: I would like to re-design my home or office, but I don’t have a lot of time to devote to the process. Should I still hire a designer?

A: Definitely. We can handle the shopping, ordering and delivery of finish materials, furnishings and fixtures. We’ll also coordinate and oversee the labour, so you can spend more time enjoying your every-day activities.

If visiting show rooms takes too much time out of your day, we can bring selections to your home or office. All we ask in return is that you respect our professional time and communicate with us in a timely fashion, so we can help you create your vision.

Q: I would like to re-design my home or office, but I don’t have a lot of time to devote to the process. Should I still hire a designer?

A: We hear this concern frequently. Rest assured, we have a unique assessment system to draw out the colors, textures, images, shapes, finishes and feelings that resonate with you. Your answers inform our design process. Our favorite part of our job is helping you create a space that’s completely unique to your personality and not an impersonal replica of a specific style. At the initial meeting/ telephone conversation we discuss your needs and personal tastes and explore how to translate this into the physical space. All the information you share helps us to get a clear view of your hopes and aspirations for your property. We can then tailor the interior design to create a totally unique finish that suits you perfectly.

A: Hiring an interior designer is an investment. It saves you time and gives you the peace of mind that you project is being executed professionally, in a cost-effective manner and to your liking.

Currently, there is not one industry standard for how interior designers bill for their professional time, but there are three common formats:

Hourly an hourly fee per team member for the time it takes to complete your job.

Flat fee — one flat fee for the design, execution and completion of your job.

Cost plus — a flat fee based on the cost of the job plus a percentage profit.

When interviewing your prospective interior designer, make sure you clearly understand their billing practices and frequency.

NLA Interiors will work with you to develop a mutually agreeable estimated budget for professional design time based on the size of your project.

Q: How do interior designers charge for their professional design time?

A: Our business is based on referral, so we want you to be completely satisfied with your design journey and the end result. If an issue arises, we’ll do everything in our professional capabilities to resolve it immediately and to your satisfaction.

Q: What if there is a labour problem or I am unhappy with an item delivered to my home or office?

A: We don’t subscribe to one particular design style. As creative professionals, we enjoy working on a variety of project styles from elegant traditional kitchens, to soft-modern bathrooms, to mid-century family rooms, to name a few. This keeps business fresh and interesting. We are always seeking out new artisans and vendors to help create fresh, custom pieces for you that complement your personalised style.


Q: What is NLA Interiors style?